Talk of the Town

Palmerston North



I joined toastmasters to gain skills in
– Listening
– Communication
To help improve my leadership skills so that my team and I understand each other with no mixed messages.
Toastmasters is structured, easy, not stressful and great for planning and building confidence to do my job effectively.

Nellie 2016


Toastmasters has been a real platform for me to increase my public speaking skills.
The ambient environment where everyone has almost the same goals as me has become a comfort zone for me to let go of my reservations of public speaking.
I am privileged to be in a club of so many experienced toastmasters from whom I gain so much every time I come. Besides that I have formed lifelong friends. This is the most enjoyable aspect of joining Talk of the Town.

Arvina 2016


I joined toastmasters through a friend 5 years ago. Since joining I have worked through the various meeting roles and also the first manual of 10 speeches and now on the second. I view toastmasters as professional development.
Listening to speakers, the good and the not so good stand out. One you want to be like the other you hope you are not. To be good takes practice and being conscious of the skills you need to work on.
I enjoy mixing with a wide range of people involved in toastmasters and listening to and learning from their contributions.

Ian 2016